Sergey F. Velichko

I. Personal data

Date of Birth: January 21, 1984

Place of Birth: Kharkiv region, Ukrainian Republic, USSR (now Ukraine)

Marital status: married, have daughter

Present position and address: Senior researcher, Institute of Astronomy, Kharkiv National University, Sumska 35, Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine

Tel: (+38)066 4155119 E-mail:


II. Academic degrees

- Ph. D., Physics and Mathematics Sciennces. January 2011, Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

- Magister of Astronomy, July 2006, Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

- Bachelor of Physics, July 2005, Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

III. Professional Experience

- Senior researcher of Department of Solar, Lunar and Planetary Physics, 2019 and now

- Scientist, Asteroid Department of Astronomical Observatory of Kharkiv National University, 2014-2018

- Scientist, IC AMER National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2010-2018

- Junior scientist, IC AMER National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2007-2010

- Postgraduate Student of the Physics Department (Astronomy) of Kharkiv National University, 2006-2009

- Student of the Physics Department (Astronomy) of Kharkiv National University, 2001-2006

IV. Scientific work abroad

- Terskol Branch of Institute of Astronomy Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, 2010-2014

V. Academic and professional honors and awards

- The winner of the international competition of scientific papers in the field of physics and astronomy among students and pupils "First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics", which was held in Warsaw (Poland), 2001.

- Grant to participate in the summer school of astronomy "Photopolarimetry in Remote Sensing" under the auspices of NATO, Yalta, 2003.

- Grant to participate in the international conference "Research of Artificial and Natural NEO`s and other Solar System Bodies with CCD Ground-based Telescopes" under the auspices of UNESCO-ROSTE, Nikolaev, 2004.

- Diploma of the second degree diploma works in the competition among the physical and mathematical faculties of Karazin Kharkiv National University in 2006.

- Scholarship named after prof. IE Tarapovadlya undergraduate and graduate students (young scientists) University of Kharkiv in 2009.

- Scholarships Pryzydiyi Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for young scientists in 2010.

VI. Field of research

Physical properties of comets and asteroids studied by polarimetry, spectrometry and photometry methods, modeling

VII. Selected Publications

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