Nikolay V. Opanasenko


Full name: Nikolay Viktorovich Opanasenko


Present position: Senior Research Scientist at Astronomical Institute of Kharkiv National University, Ukraine


Date and place of birth: April, 22, 1955; Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

Nationality: Ukrainian

Family status: married, have two sons

Languages: English, Russian


Present address:

Dr. Nikolay Opanasenko

Astronomical Institute, Kharkov National University

35, Sumskaya St., Kharkov 61022 Ukraine

Tel: (38)057-7005349

FAX: (38)057-7005349



Field of expertise: Structural characteristics and composition of the lunar surface from polarimetric and photometric methods.

Scientific interests:


Professional Experience


List of selected publications:

  1. Shkuratov Yu.G., Opanasenko N.V., Basilevsky A.T., Zhukov B.S., Kreslavsky M.A., Murchie S. A possible interpretation of bright features on the surface of Phobos. Planet. Space Sci. 1991, 39, #1/2, 341-347.

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