Yurij N. Krugly


Date of Birth: August 7, 1962

Place of Birth: Kharkiv region, Ukraine

Marital status: married, one daughter (23 years old)

Present position and address: Senior Scientific Researcher,

Institute of Astronomy of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University,

Sumska str. 35, Kharkiv 61022, Ukraine

Tel: 38-057-707-5470
Fax: 38-057-700-5349
E-mail: krugly@astron.kharkov.ua

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yurij_Krugly


- Senior Research Scientist, Heliophysics and Physics of Solar System, 2007, Karazin Kharkiv National University of MES of Ukraine

- Ph. D., Physics and Mathematics Sci., 2004, Main Astronomical Observatory of NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

- M. Sci., Astronomer, 1985, Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Physics, Kharkiv State University, USSR


- Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Astronomy of Kharkiv National University, since 2004

- Research Scientist, Astronomical Observatory (now Institute of Astronomy) of Kharkiv State University (now Kharkiv National University), 1992-2004

- Junior Scientist, Astronomical Observatory of Kharkiv State University, 1988-1992

- Junior Scientist, Astronomical Observatory of Physics and Engineering Institute, Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan, 1985-1988

- Student of the Astronomy Department of Kharkiv State University, 1980-1985


- Member of Ukrainian Astronomical Association

- Member of European Astronomical Society

- Member of International Astronomical Union (Commission No. 15, 20)


- Personal Grant of American Astronomical Society in 1994

- Personal Grant of International Scientific-Educational Program for Young Scientists and Teachers, International Scientific Fond in 1998


- Solar System bodies: physical properties of Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs), the main-belt asteroids, and Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs)

- Searching and study of asynchronous binary between NEAs and main-belt asteroids

- Detection and investigation of Yarkovsky–O’Keefe–Radzievskii–Paddack effect (YORP)

- Physical properties of young cluster asteroids in the main-belt

- Astrometry of celestial bodies


- The photometry of asteroids with TV, photoelectric and CCD methods (since 1984).

- Developing equipment and methods of the photometric observations of celestial bodies with photomultipliers (1987-1994).

- Developing software for reduction and analyzing photometric observations (since 1990).

- Organization and carrying out regular CCD observations of NEAs in Kharkiv and Simeiz Observatories (since 1995, for the first time in former USSR).

- Working out methods of photometric CCD observations of fast-moving objects, its reduction and developing appropriate software (since 1995).

- Organization of photometrical observations of NEAs in frame of International Scientific Optical Network (ISON, former PulCOO) (since 2007)


- Crimea Astrophysical Observatory 0.5m Maksutov telescope (September 1984 – March 1985).

- Ashkhabad Observatory 0.65m and 0.2m reflectors, Turkmenistan (1985 – 1987).

- 0.7m reflector at Chuguevskaya Observation Station of Astronomical Observatory of Kharkiv State University (regularly since 1988 – at present).

- Simeiz Observatory 0.6m and 1m telescopes (regularly since December 1992 - at present).

- Participation in wide-world observing companies of NEAs: 4179 Toutatis (1992/93), 1620 Geographos (1994), 6489 Golevka (1995).

- Conducting lightcurve observations of several tens of main-belt asteroids and more than 100 near-Earth asteroids for determination rotation periods, diameters and pole coordinates, obtaining magnitude-phase relations, modeling shapes (since 1986 – at present).

- CCD astrometry of near-Earth objects (follow-up) in frame of European Near-Earth Asteroid Observatory (EUNEASO program) (1995-2000).

- Discovery and investigation by photometric method of several binary NEAs in collaboration with Petr Pravec (Ondrejov Observatory) (1997-2004).

- Participation in Photometric Survey for Asynchronous Binary Asteroids (BinAstSurvey) (since 2005 - at present)

- Detection and investigation of YORP-effect for 1862 Apollo (the first detection of the YORP), 1620 Geographos and 3103 Eger.

- Carrying out CCD observations of NEAs, main-belt asteroids, and TNOs with 1.5m telescope of Maidanak Observatory, 2m telescope of Rozhen Observatory, and 2.6 m telescope of Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (2006-2012).

Main publications of Yurij N. Krugly:

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