Workshop 2022

Workshop “Photometry and polarimetry of asteroids: past and future”

Institute of Astronomy of V.N. Karazin National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine

February 15, 2022

The workshop is organized in honor of Prof. Dmitrij Lupishko who celebrates his 80th anniversary, of which 45 years has been devoted to asteroid study.


  • 10.55–11.00 Irina Belskaya. Opening of the workshop

  • 11.00–11.20 Dmitrij Lupishko. Asteroid research in Kharkiv: How we started 45 years ago

  • 11.20–11.40 Marcello Fulchignoni, M.A. Barucci, M. Birlan, S. Fornasier, T. Hromakina, G. Poggiali, S. Potin. NEOROCKS PROJECT: the relevance of photometry, spectrophotometry and polarimetry in determining some of the key properties of potentially hazardous asteroids.

  • 11.40–12.00 Alberto Cellino, Ph. Bendjoya, J.-P. Rivet, S. Bagnulo, M. Devogele, L. Abe. The Calern Asteroid Polarimetric Survey: State of the art

  • 12.00–12.20 Nikolaj Kiselev, V. Rosenbush, A. Savushkin, A. Zhuzhulina, N. Karpov. Comets, asteroids and planetary satellites studied with new two-channel polarimeters of Crimean Astrophysical Observatory and Peak Terskol Observatory in 2018-2021

  • 12.20–12.40 Dagmara Oszkiewicz. Optimization of spectro-photometric surveys towards asteroid taxonomy

  • 12.40–13.00 Discussion

  • Lunch

  • 14.00–14.20 Daniele Gardiol. PRISMA: an Italian fireball network for the recovery of freshly fallen meteorites

  • 14.20–14.40 Ihor Kyrylenko, O. Golubov, I. Slyusarev, J. Visuri, M. Gritsevich, Yu. Krugly, I. Belskaya, V. Shevchenko. The first instrumentally documented fall of an iron meteorite: orbit and possible origin

  • 14.40–15.00 Oleksiy Golubov. Determination of asteroid densities by the Yarkovsky effect

  • 15.00–15.20 Volodymyr Troianskyi, P. Kankiewicz, D. Oszkiewicz. Characterisation of the V-type asteroids from Cell I and Cell II

  • 15.20–15.40 Emil Wilawer. Asteroid magnitude phase curves from mixed dense and sparse photometry

  • 15.40–16.00 Discussion and closing of the workshop

  • The workshop will be held on February 15, 2022 in the hybrid format (in person and online). Online attendance via Zoom is open for interested colleagues. Please send email to Irina Belskaya ( to receive the connection details.

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